daffodils / les jonquilles

daffodils on windowsill

daffodils outside

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spring flora

It’s a bit of a late spring for Vancouver, and glorious. Here are a few things I saw this week.

flora march 2014 1

flora march 2014 2

flora march 2014 6

flora march 2014 3

flora march 2014 5

flora march 2014 4

flora march 2014 7


rainy night

rainy night

hockey #2

During Friday’s match, the little ones took to the ice and had a game of their own. Very cute!

hockey petits 1

hockey petits 3

hockey petits 4

hockey petits 2


Last night I went to the first hockey game I’ve ever seen. Even though I’ve lived in Canada since 1969 and have been a citizen since 2002, I have somehow managed to miss this quintessential Canadian experience until now! Let’s just say that I have no clue what was happening, but found it visually very interesting – I loved the movement and the contrast of colours and shapes against the background of white ice. Thank you to the lovely Teresa (of One Wet Foot) and her family for inviting us to go!

hockey 1 hockey 2 hockey 3 hockey 4 hockey 5 hockey 6 hockey 7 hockey 8 hockey 9

Il Giardino Italiano

One East Van public garden I like to visit is the Italian Garden / Il Giardino Italiano on the PNE grounds, just off Renfrew Street. These photos are from last week, but later in the spring there will be water running in the fountains and more plants in bloom.

italian gardens 1

italian gardens 2

italian gardens 3

italian gardens 4

italian gardens 5

italian gardens 6

italian gardens 7

italian gardens 8

little birdie

I love how round this little bird is!

bird 1

bird 2

It brought to mind one of my favourite songs, Pete Seeger’s version of the bluegrass tune “Little Birdie.”