comments (from previous blog)

For a week or so before starting this site, I had a blog on a different platform, and had a page open for general comments. I’ve imported those here.

Remarks and questions are most welcome!
Please leave your comment below.


6 réponses à “comments (from previous blog)

  1. Those are lovely, Tricia. I especially like the last one, it’s almost sculptural.

  2. Thank you, Teresa! NOTE: This page has been changed; the photo to which Teresa (One Wet Foot) referred is this one: monochrome flower photo

  3. Have comments been fixed yet?

  4. Excellent question, Anonymous! ;-)

  5. Great images, Tricia. Do you think you might do some of those abstract images sized to fit on my monitor? I’d love to see some of those things as my desktop, if you’d be willing.

  6. Thanks, Mick! Sure, I’ll email you about this.

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