Much of the world’s bee population has been destroyed by toxic chemicals and mites and climate change over the past several decades, and it’s an extremely serious problem. We need these beautiful insects to pollinate plants.

(Click any photo to see a larger version.)

bee on chives, 2011


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  1. Lovely photos. It takes a great deal of patience to get these creatures on film! (Or digital media.)

    There’s so much to be done to deal with the environmental stressors on pollinators. For honey bees, allowing them to have a natural cycle without transporting them from one monoculture harvest to another would be a good start. Native pollinators need to be promoted too – by doing things like putting up mason bee boxes and planting pollinator gardens.

    • Thanks, Teresa! I spent quite a while hanging around trying to get photos, without disturbing the bees. I’m excited about the bee boxes that will soon be put in the community garden over at Pandora Park.

  2. I love seeing the photos of the bees, not to mention the lovely flowers! I have seen bees so very seldom here in BC and it’s wonderful to see them out and about!

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