Google+ and 500px


I’ve been enjoying Google+ as a forum for connecting with other photographers and seeing a huge quantity of beautiful work. A number of lists are circulating suggesting photographers to follow; this can be a good place to start, but I’ve been finding more people by seeing who comments and has interesting things to say about other photographers’ work. My favourite thing about the site is that there are relatively few barriers between amateurs and professionals. Many people seem genuinely interesting in sharing information, learning, encouraging and growing as photographers. It’s exciting and inspiring to see.

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A number of photographers on Google+ have mentioned another site called 500px which is a great place to see a wide range of photography, much of it excellent. (Users are encouraged to upload only their best photos.) The site’s layout displays photos in a very appealing way — far superior to Flickr, for example — and the large thumbnail sizes make it easy to browse and find interesting new photographers to follow. And for me, personally, the square thumbnail or preview shape is ideal, since the majority of my photos are square or close to it in proportions.

While a paid membership gives access to more features, a free account (allowing 20 photos to be posted each week, I’m told) certainly satisfies someone like me who already has a website and doesn’t need a vast upload or display capacity. I’ve only just signed up, but I’m already looking forward to seeing other photographers’ work there.

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2 réponses à “Google+ and 500px

  1. Hi, I’m from 500px too (, and I agree with you: google+ is nice to share and see other works, feeling like a lot of freedom and peers.
    500px is like a new frontier, where quality wins over quantity. I saw a guy putting a lot of not-so-good (cannot say ugly) photos and receiving then a lot of minus… so it works :-)

  2. Thanks so much for your comment. Quality over quantity is such a great way to go.
    P.S. I like your photos on 500px!