80 days project : #1-5

NOTE: I stopped the project after 80 days, thus the renaming of the project and its posts.

A number of people on Google+ are doing Creative 366 projects during 2012. For photographers, this means taking a photo every day for the entire year, and then posting it as soon as possible. The idea is to have a goal of doing something creative every day. Another take on it that I’ve seen is a 52 project, doing one photo per week, which is probably a more realistic goal for many people.

I decided to try the 366 option because while I carry my camera with me most of the time and use it very often, I can also become overwhelmed with life’s daily demands and make photography a lower priority than other things. But when I do take the time — even a few minutes per day — to shoot and edit photos, I benefit enormously: stress and pain lessen; I feel happier and more energetic. During a recent difficult time of a family member’s serious illness, I found that taking a moment or two here and there to shoot photos of the view from the hospital window gave me some breathing space and helped to mitigate the worry and sadness I experienced.

Here are my first five daily photos for this project.

#1 (1 January 2012)

#2 (2 January 2012)

#3 (3 January 2012)

#4 (4 January 2012)

#5 (5 January 2012)

[post edited 21 January 2012 to replace a version of one photo]


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