366 project: enough! (renamed 80 days project)

I’m dropping the 366 project. The whole idea was to dedicate time every day to photography. Some days I’ve had no time to spare and could do nothing but snap a couple of frames. When my photos turned out to be mediocre, I’d choose one anyway so that I could meet the goal of doing this project. After a few such days, I realized that this approach was not encouraging creativity; instead it was making photography a tedious burden. No fun! Enough is enough.

So I’m back to doing what I love to do, which is keeping my eyes open for different qualities of light and shadows and shapes and scenes and imagery that excite and inspire and move me. Making photos – seeking them out, composing them, developing and editing them – feels to me like a magical process. I’ll do whatever is necessary to keep that sense of magic and excitement and creativity vivid in my mind.

Happy photographing, everyone!


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