street photography

I’ve been trying a little bit of street photography – candid images of daily life, strangers going about their business in public places – and find it enjoyable, though my tendency is more to include a person as an element in a composition, rather than to take a photo of the person. (This distinction may be irrelevant to everyone else … but makes sense to me!) I am hesitant to intrude on people’s privacy, so have been trying this type of photography only in busy tourist areas where most people have cameras and those who are there are aware that they may end up in various photographs. Vancouver’s Granville Island is ideal for this because it offers interesting buildings and industrial spaces as well as a lively market where you can see all sorts of tourists, local residents and art students.

As always, click photos to see larger versions of them.


2 réponses à “street photography

  1. wet windy night is a beautiful silhouette one!

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