a moment

Sometimes there’s only a moment to spare from life’s responsibilities, a five-minutes stretch when it’s possible to step away and look at the flowers, for example, and notice how the light falls on them. As much as I might yearn for more than a moment, for a long stroll with a camera, for real relaxation and enjoyment, there are times when it’s just not possible, so it’s particularly necessary to treasure the brief time available. I’m not certain about much these days, but I do know that even a few minutes with one of my cameras, a few minutes of truly seeing my subject and feeling out the right composition somehow pauses the endless loop of worries and tasks to be completed, and gives me a space in which I feel like I can really breathe.

Dedicated, with much gratitude, to my supportive friends who help me find moments of peace during difficult times.


2 réponses à “a moment

  1. Hang on to the moments. Much love to you, dear friend.

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