great blue herons

The great blue herons nesting in Stanley Park here in Vancouver are magnificent. My father and I had a lovely time yesterday evening watching them. It’s a good time of year to visit because the foliage is not very full yet, so you can get a pretty clear view. You can learn more about them at the Stanley Park Ecology Society.

Note: click on photos to see larger versions.

herons 1

herons 2

herons 3

herons 4

herons 5

herons 6

5 réponses à “great blue herons

  1. These birds are certainly beautiful (as are your photos!) but their nesting areas are really stinky :-)

  2. I love the top photo in particular. It looks like a painting.

    • Leslie, thanks for your comments! I didn’t get notified of them so didn’t seem until now. I’m happy with that first photo too. And the third one makes me laugh because the bird has a great facial expression.

  3. Those photos are beautiful! It’s difficult to get good shots of them, which makes these photos even more impressive.

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