UBC Botanical Garden

The UBC Botanical Garden is a wonderful place to visit. Walking through the woods there yesterday, my father and I saw beautiful flowers and mossy stumps and majestic liana-covered trees, and heard birds chirping and the peaceful sound of little brooks and the crashing waves of the nearby ocean. There will be more flowers out as the weather gets warmer, but right now it’s a delight to see those that have already bloomed (magnolia, rhododendron, trillium, swamp lantern and more) and to enjoy the combination of bright sunshine and cool air.

Monochrome is my first love so that’s what I’m posting today, but I’ll put up some colour photos in a day or two.

Click any photograph to see a larger version of it.

ubcbg mono 01

ubcbg mono 02

ubcbg mono 03

ubcbg mono 04

ubcbg mono 05

ubcbg mono 06

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