Last night I went to the first hockey game I’ve ever seen. Even though I’ve lived in Canada since 1969 and have been a citizen since 2002, I have somehow managed to miss this quintessential Canadian experience until now! Let’s just say that I have no clue what was happening, but found it visually very interesting – I loved the movement and the contrast of colours and shapes against the background of white ice. Thank you to the lovely Teresa (of One Wet Foot) and her family for inviting us to go!

hockey 1 hockey 2 hockey 3 hockey 4 hockey 5 hockey 6 hockey 7 hockey 8 hockey 9

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  1. Love the photos. I’m glad you weren’t too far up for photography! Hope you all had a good time.

  2. You have a fantastic eye. I find hockey boring, since they skate around the ice for hours and often score 2points. However, my brother-in-law was the distributor of the Zamboni machines for years and his boys played hockey. The Zamboni is the machine that cleans the ice.

    I am such a Canadiophile, that I feel guilty not liking hockey.

    We saw the movie, Monuments Men about saving the art during Wwii. We enjoyed it. Now to a concert of Irish Music tonight. Love Herb and Michele

    By the way, how did your mother get into the Hockey Arena?

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    • Thank you, Herb & Michele! Realistically, this is my one and only hockey experience, so I’m glad I got to attend this time.

      The movie and the concert both sound excellent!

      The entrance is wheelchair accessible, and they have all sorts of good facilities, including a lot of different wheelchair sections to sit in.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting! love, Tricia

  3. Thank you for the photos. They are great.
    Christine :-)

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