dans la ruelle

On regarde le match de hockey dans la ruelle. Un petit orage, un peu de pluie ? C’est rien !
Watching the hockey match in the alley. A little thunderstorm, a bit of rain ? That’s nothing !

ruelle hockey-1

ruelle hockey-2

ruelle hockey-3

ruelle hockey-5

5 réponses à “dans la ruelle

  1. Une bonne nouvelle – on a gagné !

  2. Jolie ruelle. Cool surtout quand le Canadien gagne. Tu es tombé dans une bonne talle à ce que je vois. Et c’est ton chien qui se ballade dans la ruelle ?

  3. We look so forward to seeing your photos of Montreal. It is also one of our favorite cities. One of my favorite department stores is also one of the only private department stores in the world–Olgyvies. I may not have the correct spelling. At noon there is a piper that announces the mid day. Charming. And we loved the shops, restaurants, and jazz clubs on Crescent and Green Streets.. And old Montreal. Beautiful. Michele’s ancestors were in Montreal by 1699. Their name was La Vigne. All very interesting and fun. Of course those were Michele’s French ancestors through her mother. Her mother’s Irish ancestors were from Colberg and Port Dover.

    Have fun. Love from both of us. Herb snd and Michele

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    • Dear Herb and Michele, thank you so much for your lovely message ! It is such a great city. I am excited about exploring all different areas. So very interesting to hear about Michele’s ancestry. I am looking forward to learning more about my own, and visiting the parishes where my ancestors (on the side of Grandma Shirley’s mother) were from. Love to both of you !

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