monday morning – lundi matin

passez une belle journée sereine ♥ have a beautiful peaceful day

fleur 2015-06-14

2 réponses à “monday morning – lundi matin

  1. Herb & Michele Meyer

    Hi, Is that Peony? We have such beautiful ones in our backyard.  Are you able to use your photography in your work in Montreal. Do you have time to explore?  We loved our times in Montreal and loved Ottawa also.  We were in Ottawa with Libby and Evan about 5 years ago. We love the museums.  The Musee du Civilisation in Hill is spectacular as is the National Gallery. We also have been to the Opera at the National Arts Centre.  We were at a film festival at Place des Art once also.  I wish I had more money to visit Montreal and stay at the old wonderful Ritz Carlton, one of the origional RC. Take care. Have some fun.  love, Herb

    • Hi Herb, thanks for your lovely message ! I don’t know what kind of flower it is – there are peonies around, and this may be a variety of it that I haven’t seen before. So many beautiful flowers in the neighbourhood. I haven’t had as much time to explore as I would like, being busy dealing with other things thus far, but will have more time for that soon. Yes, Montréal and Ottawa are both great cities. I really enjoyed visiting the National Gallery last time I was in Ottawa, in 2013. I hope you can make another trip to Montréal again some time ! Lots of love to you and Michele.

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