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Burrardview Park

Un endroit préféré à Vancouver … j’aime ce parc! Ici quelques photos que j’ai fait en avril.
A favourite Vancouver location … I love this park! Here are a few shots from this April.

bv park 1

bv park 2

bv park 3

bv park 4

bv park 5

bv park 6

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rainy night

rainy night


femme avec parasol

femme avec parasol - au fond monochrome

I Love East Van

I’ve lived in East Van – apart from a couple of forays to other areas and other cities – since I first arrived in Vancouver in 1990, and really do love this place, so a lot of my photos are taken here. Chalk drawings on the nearby sidewalks are always a cheerful addition to my walks, and this one in particular caught my eye.

I Love East Van


pelican and police car

pink poppy


night street views

Here are a few shots from a recent night on East Hastings between Victoria and Lakewood. Click images to see larger versions of them.

petrol station monochrome

petrol station reflection


cheveux verts

the 7eleven

drive thru

Evening promenade

promenade du soir
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