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le printemps à Vancouver

Spring in Vancouver

Ce matin dans notre quartier … this morning in our neighbourhood.
Les jardins Momiji et les jardins Italiens. Les deux sont sur le terrain d’exposition PNE. Momiji Gardens and Italian Gardens. Both are on the PNE grounds.

2015-02-14 01

2015-02-14 02

2015-02-14 03

2015-02-14 06

2015-02-14 08

max jardins italiens

la super lune • the super moon

Voici la « super lune » qui s’élève au dessus du parc d’attractions du PNE – c’est la vue de tout près de chez moi.

Here is the super moon rising over the PNE amusement park, seen from just up the street.

la lune et PNE

En ce moment je possède pas un bon téléobjectif, donc c’est pas possible de faire une photographie de haute qualité. Néanmoins, j’ai bien aimé regarder la belle lune !

I don’t own a good telephoto lens these days, so I can’t take a very good photo. Even so, I had a lovely time watching the beautiful moon !

Modification : C’est pas mon habitude de remplacer des photos, mais cette fois j’ajoute une autre version de cette photo. Je pense que l’exposition est meilleure.

Edit : I don’t normally do this, but this time I am adding another version of the photo which may be better exposed.

la lune - nouvelle version

at the fair

I visited Vancouver’s PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Ever since catching two quick photos from a moving vehicle (don’t worry; I wasn’t the one driving!) last year, I’ve been interested in it as a place to take photos. The two-image colour piece (shown fourth in this post) is what I saw from the truck window, and the rest of the photos are ones taken at the fair in August. 

The fair is a place of vibrant colours, and also strong lines and motion. Colour photography seemed like an obvious choice, but black and white is always closest to my heart, so I had to do that, too. I’ll be glad to return to the fair next year and try these subjects again.

(Click images to see larger versions of them.)